I welcome you to the Tujabhavani Mahavidhyalay family. We work together to inspire the students to build up their career and transform themselves into decent human beings. Our Mahavidhyalay has a long history in achievements in academics have enabled it to be amongst the best colleges.

The Mahavidhyalay has distinguished experts to speak on various issues to update the knowledge of students and motivate them to be confident in life and to be gender and disability friendly and well- being.

When will Maharashtra HSC result 2019 declare? This is the most asked questions among the students from Maharashtra board. Maharashtra HSC examinations started from February 21. This year total 14,91,306 students have registered under the board. Out of the total 8,42,919 are the number of boys and 6,48,151 are the number of girls.

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NIRF by 17th January 2020

Tuljabhavani  Mahavidhyalay of Arts & Commerce, Tuljapur
is one of the major centers of the Vivekanand Shikshan  Sanstha, established in the sacred city of Tuljapur in 15 June 1971.
The Mahavidhyalay has established successfully its special pattern, known as ‘Vivekanand Pattern’ with the assistance of expert and experienced teachers in the college.

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